ECO Series – Built Tough and Highly Adaptable

The ECO series is built tough, for challenging environments at a competitive price.  Operating optimally at extremes of temperature and able to withstand altitude, this is the perfect base for your network in hardship locations.  Thriving in outdoor placements and challenging environmental deployments – the ECO

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DX Series Bullet – Sophistication and Class

The DX Series is the high-end offering in the Impulse portfolio. Class, quality and sophistication define the series and it offers premium features and outstanding results.  The DX Series bullet cameras offer ultimate view from distance, offering a superior view in one direction, but including a

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LX Series Dome – Versatility and Robustness

The LX Series Dome cameras are the ultimate in versatility and robustness – built to withstand any condition, but still providing crystal-clear image quality and maximum environmental responsiveness.   The LX Series Dome is the work-horse of the Impulse suite – reliable, dependable and very popular. 

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Impulse CCTV & PoE Switching l Perimeter Intrusion - Protect your borders

Perimeter Intrusion – Protect your borders

Perimeter Intrusion – Protect your borders Perimeter Security is a  feature of Intelligent Embedded Video Analytics.  Cameras with embedded software that ‘thinks’ thanks to advanced deep learning algorithms.  So intelligent are these cameras that they can analyse human behaviour and alert on it, such as lingering

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Don’t let it go undetected

Don’t let it go undetected – stationary object detection embedded analytics In busy spaces – offices, educational institutions, train stations – a lot goes unnoticed.  People rush back and forth, focused on the job at hand and the small details of their surroundings are absorbed into

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Impulse CCTV for Educational Institutes

Securing the future – globally through education

Securing the future – globally through education Our schools and colleges today are not safe, in times gone by high-tech security systems were unnecessary, but in today’s’ modern world we have to protect our students from the crime plaguing our educational institutions.  It will affect not

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