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Impulse is an emerging leader in industrial-grade video surveillance products

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About Impulse

Impulse Industrial Grade Video Surveillance and Networking Systems are designed and manufactured for securing critical infrastructure worldwide. We distinguish ourselves by an unrelenting commitment to excellence in terms of our product software, hardware and support. We spend months, even years, developing and testing each product before release to ensure it works as it should and we continue to improve our products after release through firmware updates to enhance features, simplicity, reliability and security.

A Global Company

Impulse is headquartered in Singapore, with North American headquarters in Vancouver, Canada and regional offices worldwide. Our strong focus on quality, reliability and partner loyalty, has allowed us to maintain our position as an emerging industry leader in industrial-grade video surveillance market.With ongoing investments in R&D, mergers & acquisitions and continual innovation, we’re constantly evolving our portfolio to provide our partners and customers with tightly-integrated video solutions to help better secure critical infrastructure

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Impulse Works Only Through A Dedicated Partner Network