Life is busy and secure for the IIM Sambalpur student

IIM Sambalpur’s ethos is that learning should not be limited to the confines of a classroom wall. They were the first to implement the idea of Flip classroom, a learning environment where much of the learning happens outside the classroom in the field, where life as working graduates will be lived. Impulse identifies with this ethos as the field is a very good teacher and one has to have experience in the game in order to thrive there – the earlier the start the better. The Cambridge Dictionary defines Fieldwork as study that consists of practical activities that are done away from your school, college, or place of work. To the student it is much more than just that, it is the materialisation of a dream, thought up at high school level and long hours of reading and researching finally coming alive in the job to be done.  The business world can be ruthless and an early start in an environment where it will take place can go a long way.

As quoted by Inc. Elon Musk said “You shouldn’t do things differently just because they’re different. They need to be… better.”  Gaining real-life experience earlier is better, much better.  Entering the job market with no experience is a challenge that faces many and online there are endless lists of how to try and get that first job under your belt.  Internships are coveted and to get a place is difficult, but the dream dreamt up in your high school years is only a dream until you land that job and with no experience that job remains a dream in today’s job markets. IIM Sambalpur offers their students real life job experience while they are still students so they are that much more prepared for the working world. Part of IIM Sambalpur mission is “To disseminate knowledge using disruptive pedagogies to enhance the professional skills of participants”.  Students learn to adjust, how better could one be equipped for the ruthless business environment they will one day have to thrive in?

IIM Sambalpur offers MBA, Executive MBA, Executive PHD and MDP courses. Situated in an industrial hub and with beautiful natural surrounds, the campus is a future business leaders haven.  The natural beauty of the jungle, rivers and dams offer excellent bird-viewing and animal life. The college offers both academic and social clubs for students. Life is busy for the IIM Sambalpur student, but never boring. The college is situated in Sambalpur, which is the fourth largest city in the Indian State of Odisha.

According to Shiksha  IIM Sambalpur offers 100% placement every year and the college was Ranked 76-100 for MBA/PGDM by NIRF in 2020. An MBA course is one of the most popular postgraduate programmes in India and abroad.  There are around 5,200 MBA colleges in India.

Impulse installed a CCTV & PoE Switching system at the college to safeguard the students, teachers and intellectual property. The system installed consisted of LX series Dome and Bullet cameras.  Impulse manufactures industrial-grade video surveillance products for securing critical infrastructure worldwide.  All manufacturing takes place within India and we are officially compliant with the Make in India initiative after going live with our production facility in the country last year. The LX series range of cameras has some impressive features including Embedded Intelligent Video Analytics, weather-proofing and digital noise reduction.

We have worked on similar projects for educational institutions, so are well-versed in what is needed to secure a college, school or university. We have installed a LX series system at the Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College which is a constituent college of the University of Delhi.  We have installed our ECO series range in both the Haryana campus and the Bhopal campus of The National Institute of Design, which is India’s premier design school. The Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies (CBS), noted as one of the premier institutions of the University of Delhi, provides quality education in the fields of management and information technology, and we secured their premises with a system was made up of Impulse LX Series 3 MP Motorised Varifocal Bullet and Dome Cameras along with D-Series Network Video Recorder and viewed centrally through Impulse Client Software.

In an article in the India Today five main priorities for student safety in our schools today are sited, being:

  1. Physical Safety
  2. Psychosocial safety
  3. School transportation and safety
  4. Background verification of staff
  5. Visitor management system


It puts the onus entirely on the school to safeguard the students and insists schools must take full responsibility. A safe environment to learn in is paramount to a quality education, one can have an excellent teacher but if taught in the wrong environment this is lost. This article was written under the backdrop of some heinous crimes against students across the country, including the murder of  a student in a reputed school in Gurugram, and the rape of a student by a school peon in Delhi.  In light of this the CBSE issued a directive that schools install CCTV cameras on their premises, implement strict access controls and set up committees to address grievances. The directive stated that these mechanisms must be in place, but that the issue must be tackled holistically as well and involve counselling and guidance on safe practices. The article states that “Installing CCTV cameras at strategic locations across school premises would ensure that a child’s day-to-day life in school is constantly being monitored and recorded”. When it comes to repeat offences and convictions this is sound advice.

The University of Chicago offers their students a UC-RAD program of realistic, self-defense tactics and techniques. Priority is given to students, faculty, and staff of the University of Chicago. The RAD system is a popular method and taught in many colleges and schools across the US. In India, self-defence training for women and girls has been implemented across the country, in this article by it has become mandatory in schools, colleges and even the corporate world. These are two great examples of a holistic approach to safety. A quality CCTV network is a vital basic, but every aspect of the students safety must be considered, from the first point where an attacker is jailed when caught on camera attempting a crime to the last point where the student may have to physically defend themselves when caught alone.  An informed student is a safe student, walking alone at night and flashing valuables are an invitation for attack, if a student is aware and walks in groups and hides their valuables a lot can be avoided.  Thus said, a lot can be avoided but not all, the criminals of today have become quite brazen and confident, thus measures like access control and cameras are so necessary. 

Impulse is a market leader in Industrial Grade Video Surveillance and Networking Systems, offering unparalleled quality and personal verification on each product to ensure the best possible end system for our partners. With teams all over the world we can offer the same high standards of support globally.  All Impulse CCTV cameras and NVRs that are a part of the Impulse suite are BIS compliant, ensuring the highest quality and safety certifications for your projects.  BIS is the Indian National Body for establishing and upholding principles in terms of quality, standardisation and efficiency.  In addition to BIS for the Indian market, our products continue to hold UL listing for the North American markets, CE for the European markets and we are currently pursuing the new UKCA requirements for product safety for us to continue supplying the UK market post Brexit.

Impulse CCTV & PoE Switching l Life is busy for the IIM Sambalpur student, but never boring