Your COVID-19 response refined with Impulse Intelligent Fever Detection System

The COVID pandemic is forcing us to change the way we live, work and play.  The virus is a big threat, but if you approach it in the right way its negative effects can be minimised.  What can cause death and destruction can be avoided by routine changes like regularly washing hands, socially distancing and wearing a mask – beating this pandemic is up to us and how we manage our response. We must stand together during this difficult time and work together to beat the virus and limit the tragic loss of life it causes.

Standing in long lines to enter buildings is our new norm and as time consuming and frustrating it is, it is very necessary.  Impulse Intelligent Fever Detection System can assist in making it easier, our Fever Detection System can rapidly record temperatures of entrants to and occupants of a building. The rapid screening feature can shorten time spent in queues and speed up access, without compromising on accuracy or standards of security. If a person has a fever access is denied so all in the buildings safety is not compromised. An alarm is raised and a reporting procedure can follow.