Embedded Intelligent Video Analytics explained

IP CCTV Camera Video Analytics
As processors get faster, cheaper and more efficient, more processing can be done in the Camera itself. Embedded Intelligent Video Analytics is the future. Earlier most IP cameras supported just basic motion detection. Today most cameras support a suite of edge analytics i.e. analytics which run on the camera itself. A few examples of the analytics which can run on most Impulse cameras include:
1. Tripwire: A virtual line which “trips” when some crosses it from either side thereby creating an event alert.
2. Intrusion Detection: A virtual polygon created on the image which “triggers” when someone enters that defined space causing “intrusion”
3. Acoustic Detection: Detection of audio (dB range can be defined) in a particular zone.
4. Face Detection: Faces can be detected and stored for use for further analysis in server based recognition software.
5. Counting: A virtual line can be created with “exit” and “entry” counters. Anyone crossing the line will trigger an exit / entry counter based on direction.
6. Loitering: This will trigger after a person is seen “loitering” in the scene of view.
7. Missing Object: This will trigger when an object which is meant to be monitored, goes missing from the scene of view.
8. Abandoned Object: This will trigger when an object appears (after a programable time threshold) in a scene of view.
9. Wrong Direction: This will trigger when an object goes in the wrong direction. For example, a car in a parking lot moving in the wrong direction.
10. Camera Tampering or Scene Change: Sudden camera movement, Change of direction of the camera or spraying the camera with paint will trigger this event.

Not all analytics can run at once due to the limitation of the processor. Most cameras support 2 or more analytics to be running at the same time. Event alerts can be external relay triggers, Email of video / snapshots, FTP of video / images on a server, SD card recording, Video Management System alarm notification. Without event alerts, embedded video analytics are of not much use. So it is important that the Video Management System supports event messaging alerts. Impulse XTRA+ VMS supports event notifications from Impulse Cameras.

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