Impulse CCTV & PoE Switching l DX Series Bullet - Sophistication and Class

The DX Series is the high-end offering in the Impulse portfolio. Class, quality and sophistication define the series and it offers premium features and outstanding results.  The DX Series bullet cameras offer ultimate view from distance, offering a superior view in one direction, but including a motorized swivel feature for a full view of an area.  Visuals in the direction the camera is facing are unparalleled due to the camera’s sharp zoom function.  Bullet cameras are often referred to as lipstick cameras due to their shape.  

Featuring a 3x Motorized Auto Focus and a 2.8-12 mm focal length, and a FOV of 109 º (Wide); 33 º (Tele), the DX series bullet is true to its form and can pick up detail from a distance. This is vital in large areas where detail is important.  Included is an IR LED Module support with a working distance up to 40m – this is an illumination to ensure light does not interfere with catching the criminal!  The cameras pick up movement and swivel due to the Motion Detection feature and also feature 3D Motion Compensated Noise Reduction (MCTF) to ensure the image quality is not affected.  

The series is UL, CE, FCC and RoHS certified as evidence of quality and workmanship. The series features all the network failure and tamper/vandal proof features typical of top of the range cameras, to ensure the network is up and running under any circumstance and when most needed.   

With advanced smart AI/Intelligent Embedded Video Analytics features, these cameras that ‘think’ take your security measures to new heights. Functions include stationary/abandoned object detection, intrusion detection, tampering detection, wrong direction, loitering detection, object counting, stopped vehicle and object removal detection.

The DX Series includes dome, bullet, PTZ, box cameras and video recorders – all up to the standards of the series, pure quality and class.  

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