Deep Learning

Making Your Camera Smarter with the Power of Deep Learning!!!

Supported by Deep Learning and AI, advanced video analytics enable object extraction, recognition, classification, and indexing, for making video searchable, actionable & quantifiable. This, in turn, enables video system operators to review hours of video in minutes and rapidly identify people and objects of interest to extract maximum value from video for safety, security and productivity.

Attributes to consider:

Face Detection & Recognition: The AI II Cameras shall collect & Calculate the feature values & NVR shall do only the comparison which reduces the highly dependability on NVR hardware, making it possible to let NVR connect more cameras and accelerate the recognition speed.

Human & Vehicle: Human shape & Vehicle Shape detection can be detected at the same time, or can be selected arbitrarily, which offers more flexibility.

SMD: Also known as INTELLIGENT MOTION DETECTION, this function only identifies & checks human activities, effectively reducing false alarms.