CCTV trends in emerging markets

CCTV installation in emerging markets is expanding rapidly. But one size does not fit all. What works in North America, Western Europe, and Japan might not be relevant in markets like India, Brazil, Indonesia, and Russia.

The key enablers for emerging markets are first-time security installation and greenfield infrastructure development, whereas, in the established markets, upgrades is a large market. Emerging markets are very price conscious, and hence Chinese manufacturers have done a commendable job in getting the highest market share. By selling low-cost products, Chinese manufacturers have established themselves are “consumer” grade products – ok to be installed in a home or small office, but not good enough for critical infrastructure. The critical infrastructure market is still responsive to established brands. The professional install market is trending towards 2MP / 1080p resolution as consumers are used to seeing that resolution on their satellite TV. 5MP and up is still a couple of years away from becoming mainstream. The sales performance and marketing of consumer grade LED TVs is a key indicator of what product would work in emerging markets. If Sony only sells 1000 units of 4K UHD TV in Indonesia, it would be a bad idea to launch a 4K resolution CCTV product and expect it to go main stream as the consumer acceptability will not be there.

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