Strengthening Security at NSG, Manesar and Ramakrishna Puram, New Delhi with Impulse CCTV's DX Series Cameras

The National Security Guard (NSG) plays a pivotal role in ensuring national security. Securing their premises and operations is of paramount importance. To meet these demands, NSG turned to Impulse CCTV for a cutting-edge security solution. This case study delves into the successful deployment of Impulse CCTV’s DX Series Cameras, showcasing their crucial role in enhancing security. 


NSG is a specialized law enforcement agency responsible for counterterrorism and national security. With their facilities in Manesar and Ramakrishna Puram, New Delhi, maintaining a high level of security is essential. Impulse CCTV, known for its cutting-edge technology and reliable surveillance equipment, was the chosen solution provider. 


  • High-Security Zones: Ensuring top-notch security coverage for sensitive areas within the NSG premises. 
  • Efficient Surveillance: Meeting the need for efficient monitoring and surveillance capabilities. 
  • Adaptability: Adapting to varying lighting conditions for clear and effective imaging. 


Impulse CCTV’s DX Series Cameras were strategically installed across key areas within the NSG facilities. These cameras were selected for their advanced features, adaptability to changing lighting conditions, and their ability to provide efficient surveillance. 


  • Enhanced Security: The DX Series Cameras provided heightened security coverage, ensuring that high-security zones were under constant surveillance. 
  • Efficient Monitoring: These cameras enabled efficient monitoring and surveillance, meeting the need for enhanced security. 
  • Adaptable Surveillance: The cameras efficiently adapted to varying lighting conditions, delivering clear imaging around the clock. 


Impulse CCTV’s DX Series Cameras have significantly bolstered security at NSG, Manesar, and Ramakrishna Puram, New Delhi. This case study showcases the positive impact of integrating state-of-the-art surveillance solutions, emphasizing how Impulse CCTV’s products contribute to a safer and more secure environment. 

Impulse CCTV remains dedicated to providing innovative and dependable security solutions, empowering organizations like NSG to focus on their mission with confidence, knowing they have a cutting-edge surveillance system safeguarding their operations.