Fortifying Security at Faridabad Court

In the heart of Faridabad, Haryana, the Judicial Court Complex stands as a beacon of justice. To ensure the safety of the premises and streamline security operations, Impulse CCTV partnered with Faridabad Court. Leveraging advanced security solutions, Impulse CCTV aimed to enhance surveillance coverage and contribute to a safer judicial environment. 

LX Series Dome and Bullet Cameras

Challenges Faced 

The Faridabad Court faced the critical challenge of maintaining a secure environment for legal proceedings, staff, and visitors. With multiple entry points and expansive premises, it was essential to deploy a comprehensive surveillance system that could monitor all areas effectively. 

Solution Provided 

Impulse CCTV devised a tailored security solution by integrating products from their LX and CHX series. The LX series Dome and Bullet cameras were strategically placed to cover critical zones, offering high-resolution video capture and low-light performance. The CHX series PTZ cameras provided dynamic surveillance with the ability to zoom in on specific areas for detailed monitoring. 

Product Features

  • LX Series Dome and Bullet Cameras: Equipped with high-resolution image sensors and advanced IR technology, these cameras ensured clear footage even in low-light conditions. Their durable designs made them suitable for indoor and outdoor surveillance. 
  • CHX Series PTZ Cameras: The PTZ cameras featured advanced pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities, enabling security personnel to focus on specific areas of interest. Their smart tracking and precise movement facilitated real-time monitoring. 

Impact & Results

The collaboration between Impulse CCTV and Faridabad Court led to a remarkable enhancement in security. The deployment of LX series and CHX series cameras empowered the court complex to maintain a vigilant watch over its premises, ensuring the safety of all stakeholders. The high-quality video feeds provided by the cameras offered invaluable evidence for investigations and legal proceedings. 


Through the integration of Impulse CCTV’s LX and CHX series cameras, Faridabad Court fortified its security infrastructure. The partnership exemplifies the role of advanced surveillance technology in contributing to a secure and efficient judicial environment. 

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