Elevating Security in Noida's Massive Multilevel Parking with Impulse CCTV Solutions

In the bustling heart of Noida, Sector 18’s Multilevel Parking stands as a vital hub for vehicle management. To enhance safety and surveillance in this dynamic environment, Impulse CCTV joined forces with the Sector 18 Noida parking facility. By employing advanced security solutions, Impulse CCTV aimed to transform the parking area into a haven of security and convenience. 

Challenges Faced: 

Sector 18 Noida Multilevel Parking faced significant security challenges due to its high footfall and vehicle movement. Ensuring the safety of vehicles, visitors, and staff members required a comprehensive surveillance solution that could monitor every corner of the sprawling facility. 

Solution Provided: 

Impulse CCTV devised a tailored security strategy, incorporating cutting-edge products from their LX and DX series. LX series Dome and Bullet cameras were strategically positioned to cover key areas, delivering crystal-clear video footage. DX series PTZ cameras provided dynamic monitoring capabilities, ensuring no blind spots were left unchecked. All this data was seamlessly managed by the LX series NVR, facilitating efficient storage and retrieval. 

Product Features: 

  • LX Series Dome and Bullet Cameras: These cameras boast high-resolution imagery, low-light performance, and vandal-resistant designs. They captured intricate details even in challenging lighting conditions, ensuring optimal surveillance. 
  • DX Series PTZ Cameras: The PTZ cameras enable remote control, covering a wide area with pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities. This allowed for real-time tracking and monitoring of suspicious activities. 
  • LX Series NVR: The NVR provided centralized storage and management of video feeds, allowing easy access to recorded footage. It offered efficient compression and playback options for seamless monitoring. 

Impact & Results: 

The collaboration between Impulse CCTV and Sector 18 Noida Multilevel Parking resulted in a significant enhancement of security. The integration of advanced cameras and NVR empowered the facility’s management to monitor activities in real-time and review incidents when needed. The LX and DX series products demonstrated their superior capabilities by ensuring comprehensive coverage, deterring potential threats, and enhancing overall safety. 


Through the deployment of Impulse CCTV’s LX and DX series products, Sector 18 Noida Multilevel Parking underwent a transformative security overhaul. The collaboration exemplifies the power of cutting-edge surveillance technology in safeguarding public spaces and enhancing peace of mind for visitors and staff alike. 

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