A Surveillance Transformation of LIC of India Limited with Impulse CCTV

LIC of India Limited, a premier financial institution, recognized the need to bolster its security infrastructure for its 2nd floor Jeevan Bharti Building location. Ensuring the safety and security of both employees and valuable assets was of utmost importance. For this purpose, LIC turned to Impulse CCTV for a comprehensive surveillance solution. This case study provides an in-depth look at the successful deployment of Impulse CCTV’s LX Series Cameras, highlighting their significant role in augmenting security. 

LX Series Cameras


LIC of India Limited stands as a prominent player in the financial industry, trusted with safeguarding the interests of millions of policyholders. Recognizing the criticality of security, LIC chose Impulse CCTV as the solution provider due to its reputation for delivering cutting-edge technology and reliable surveillance equipment. 

Challenges Faced

  • Multi-Zone Surveillance: Ensuring comprehensive security coverage for the entire 2nd floor of the Jeevan Bharti Building. 
  • Adaptive Surveillance: Adapting to varying lighting conditions to maintain clarity and effectiveness. 
  • Access Control Integration: Facilitating seamless integration with access control systems for enhanced security management. 


Impulse CCTV’s LX Series Cameras were strategically positioned across key locations within the 2nd floor of the Jeevan Bharti Building. These cameras were selected for their advanced features, adaptability to changing lighting conditions, and their compatibility with existing access control systems. 


  • Comprehensive Surveillance: The LX Series Cameras provided extensive and continuous surveillance, ensuring that every corner of the floor was under constant monitoring. 
  • Adaptive Surveillance: These cameras effortlessly adapted to different lighting conditions, providing clear imaging at all times, regardless of day or night. 
  • Access Control Integration: The seamless integration with access control systems enhanced security management and allowed for a more synchronized approach to security measures. 


Impulse CCTV’s LX Series Cameras have successfully elevated the security infrastructure at LIC of India Limited, 2nd Floor Jeevan Bharti Building. This case study exemplifies the positive impact of integrating advanced surveillance solutions, demonstrating how Impulse CCTV’s products contribute to a safer and more secure environment. 

Impulse CCTV remains dedicated to providing innovative and dependable security solutions, empowering institutions like LIC to focus on their core mission with confidence, knowing that their operations are safeguarded by a cutting-edge surveillance system. 

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