Perimeter Intrusion - Protect your borders

Perimeter Security is a  feature of Intelligent Embedded Video Analytics.  Cameras with embedded software that ‘thinks’ thanks to advanced deep learning algorithms.  So intelligent are these cameras that they can analyse human behaviour and alert on it, such as lingering around, in addition to the standard alerts for contact with a fence or a breakthrough.  With PIDS one can even create a virtual fence where a person can be detected when crossing a boundary, without a physical barrier being in place. This deployment is used regularly in office spaces or inside buildings where people are detected without them being aware, and is used for applications like people counting, protecting restricted areas and access control combined with other access control measures.  View this application here:

Like with any other arm of Intelligent Embedded Video Analytics the design of the camera system is vital for its success. The placement of the cameras is very important, any obstruction between the camera’s view and the potential threat places the whole system at risk.  Lighting, day and night, shadows, the quality of the camera and the resolution it is capable of, all affect the system.  All cameras in the Impulse suite have day/night switches for the differing light environments these conditions create, in the form of an IR cut filter with auto switch. They also include Backlight Compensation. Cameras in the Impulse suit feature up to 8MP resolution and Video Quality Adjustment. Thanks to their evolution the market can now enjoy these ‘thinking cameras’ at attainable prices.

Impulse offers the global market Industrial Grade Video Surveillance and Networking Systems, verified and approved, we are the best solution for your security and surveillance needs.  High quality standards, outstanding service, innovation, constant development and vigorous product testing is what sets us apart and ensures that an Impulse bought system is the best system.   Our ethos of constant innovation ensures we are at the cutting edge of technology and the favored choice for our partners worldwide.

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