Revolutionizing Security: Impulse CCTV for Lok Sabha MP's Multi-Storied Flats, New Delhi

Impulse CCTV was approached by the Hon’ble MP’s of Lok Sabha at Dr. B.D.Marg, New Delhi to provide a comprehensive CCTV solution for their multi-storied flats. The MP’s were concerned about the security of their premises and wanted a reliable and efficient system to monitor the area. Impulse CCTV suggested the use of their LX Series product to meet the client’s requirements.

The project involved the installation of CCTV cameras in common areas such as lobbies, parking lots, and corridors. The cameras were strategically placed to ensure maximum coverage of the area. The system was designed to provide live feed as well as record footage for future reference. 

The Impulse CCTV team conducted an on-site survey to identify the best locations for the cameras. They then designed a system that would provide complete coverage of the multi-storied flats. The LX series product was chosen due to its advanced features such as high resolution, night vision, and motion detection.  

The installation of the CCTV system has provided numerous benefits to the Hon’ble MP’s. The system has improved the security of the flats, and the live feed has helped residents to feel more secure. The recorded footage has been used to identify and prosecute criminals who have attempted to break into the premises. The system has also improved the overall management of the flats, as it allows for better tracking of visitors and staff. 

The Impulse CCTV team successfully implemented a comprehensive CCTV system for the multi-storied flats of Hon’ble MP’s of Lok Sabha at Dr.B.D.Marg, New Delhi. The LX series product proved to be an excellent choice due to its advanced features and reliable performance. The installation of the system has greatly improved the security and management of the flats.