The GCNEP places trust in Impulse

Nuclear power generation is a clean and efficient means of power generation.  It is scientifically advanced and the best brains in science are behind its invention.  A lot goes into the production of Nuclear power and there are big risks so the information, people and systems behind the science need to be heavily guarded to ensure their safety.

The Global Centre for Nuclear Energy Partnership (GCNEP) is the world’s first nuclear energy partnership centre and is located in the Haryana state in India, in the Jasaur Kheri village. This centre facilitates deliberation and discussions of international experts on various issues including innovation in nuclear reactors and the nuclear fuel cycle, development of proliferation-resistant reactors, security technologies and the effects of radiation exposure.

Impulse CCTV & PoE Switching l GCNEP places trust in Impulse

The objectives of the centre are:

  • Development of enhanced nuclear safeguards to effectively and efficiently monitor nuclear materials and facilities.
  • Promoting the development of advanced, more proliferation resistant nuclear power reactors.
  • Training manpower in the field of Nuclear Security and Radiological Safety.
  • Educating in the field of Advanced Nuclear Energy Systems, Isotopes and Radiation Technologies, nuclear forensic.
  • Establishing accreditation facilities for radiation monitoring.


The centre was opened in 2017, and due to its great success the partnership was renewed in 2010.  The US Government highlighted the importance of nuclear materials and facilities, combating illicit trafficking, nuclear forensics, nuclear security culture, information security, international cooperation, and synergy between nuclear safety and security as some of the reasons for the continuation of the GCNEP and why it is so vital.

Highly confidential information on a strictly ‘need to know’ basis is kept in the building and access is for authorised, vetted and verified people only. The security measures in place are vast and include stringent access control, visitor accompaniment, an Impulse CCTV surveillance network, armed guards and fencing to name a few. 

The impulse manufactured and designed system installed is a flagship project for the company due to the advanced security measures already employed at the center and the fact that we were among the suppliers chosen to service the project.

The system installed was made up of LX series dome, bullet, CHSX series PTZ cameras and an Xtra+ VMS recorder.   The Xtra+ recorded features 4 x SATA HDD Slots with a total max storage capacity of 32TB.  It is rack mounted and network features include Quad Gigabit Ethernet Interfaces.

We are a leading supplier of high quality Industrial Grade Video Surveillance and Networking Systems, supplying the global market, and offering verified solutions and service excellence. We pride ourselves on our excellent product software, hardware and support, ensuring our partners are guided throughout the process. We are continuously improving and building on our product range and services. This ensures we are the preferred choice for our partners and our relationships with them are built on trust and impeccable past results.

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